1:10 Teacher-student ratio.

1:10 Teacher-student ratio Keeping in mind our commitment to individual attention and personalized teaching methodologies we have tried to maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:10. This helps the students immensely as they are better attended to and build the confidence to work in teams and raise doubts and queries without hesitation.

Mentoring system

The mentoring system allows teachers to understand the children beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Every teacher acts as the mentor of an average of 10 children who are on campus. As a mentor the teacher builds a rapport with the mentees, trying to understand all aspects of individual growth and development in the process.

The mentor acts as the guardian of the child while on campus and maintains records on a range of related matter. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about topics that are pertinent to their age and growth. Mentors take their roles seriously while maintaining an informal relationship with the children so as to help them to express themselves without any hesitation.